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Horst Zimmermann GmbH, pattern making and mould making

H. Zimmermann GmbH was established in 1962 by Horst Zimmermann as one man company. Since that time the strategic branches have been consistently built up and extended.
Our own internal training is the basis for the building-up and consolidation of our highly qualified staff. Each year we take the effort to engage at least two new trainees to our team. With about 20 staff members at the seat Kaiserslautern we are able to find the convenient solution to your tasks.

In the years 2001 and 2002 the H. Zimmermann GmbH has been modernised and extended. Company and building have been adapted to the lastest requirements. Thus, today maintained CAD/CAM software and modern 5 axes CNC milling machines are ready for your employment.

Essential competences are:
· pattern making
· foam tools
· CNC finishing of raw cast for prototypes and small series

We intensively contact various institutes of different departments (college, university, IVW, Fraunhofergesellschaft). We develop their projects to series.

In 1997 Zimmermann Formtechnik GmbH was founded and 2005 Innocut GmbH & Co.KG was following.